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Our frequently asked questions.


How do I make a reservation?

You can reserve your tee time by phone or online using our integrated system.

Please do not send messages with tee time requests by email or using our social networking platforms. Tee times can be reserved no more than one full week ahead of time.

Our friendly staff is available to help you with booking a tee time.

You can call (450) 458-1997 or use our integrated interface with the Chronogolf website to book a tee time online.


What is the average time to play the course at the Falcon?

In clement weather, the average is 4 hours and 25 minutes for the full 18 holes. The expected pace of play for the first 9 is 2 hours and the back plays in 2h25.


Do you allow electric carts during bad weather?

It all depends how much rain has fallen on the course. The superintendent will make the final call, it is always preferable to call ahead of time if it rained in the last 24 hours prior to your tee time. There is a chance we will not let carts on the course. In this case a complimentary pull cart is offered.


Can personal electric carts be used at Falcon?

Yes they may, however we will charge a trail fee for bringing your cart on the course.

This section is in constant evolution. If you have a question you can use the contact page to reach us. Or reach us thru one of the social networks (Facebook etc..)